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SWA is a multi-specialty architectural practice, providing a full range of expert design and consulting services for Commercial, Institutional and Private owners and facility operators.

Architecture & interior design

The main focus of our practice. Our comprehensive services allow you to custom tailor the design package you need. We can take your project from concept through schematic design, into design development and construction documents. From there, we can manage the permitting and bid process, concluding with construction administration through to occupancy and commissioning. Our highly creative Interior Design expertise is also available during the process to bring your project to the next level.

Site and Community planning

Whether it’s a new residence or a commercial building complex, site planning is the integral, first step in the process of development. We provide comprehensive site planning services, providing you the vision and confidence required to move forward with your project, given the constraints and opportunities inherent in site the topography of the land. From the beginning, our schematic and detailed planning skills ensure that the site plan development underpins a strong foundation for the progression of your vision. From site plan analysis, to parking to local development guidelines, we cover all considerations.

Project programming

Listening carefully plays a major role in the successful development of your project, and it’s something we do well. Every project that crosses our door has a very specific set of programmatic needs. They can be highly complex and gray areas might arise. By careful evaluation we can help you to fully describe your project parameters, and fill the gaps in for you. Our experience will help to shape your vision into the unique project you expect and deserve.

Project Imaging

Giving you the ability to visually “see” your completed project before the hammer hits the first nail, is one of the most important roles of an architect. Great design may not be readily apparent from plans alone. No matter whether your Planning authority requires contextual images, or you might simply have trouble visualizing your project, we can help. We provide full 3D visualization services for all instances, using the latest software packages to create everything from highly photo-realistic project images to simple sketch views.


Do you have a potential building site, but are unsure of what you can build on it? Do you have a new business, but unsure if you can move into a particular building? Or maybe you have an existing building, but are unsure if you can upgrade in the way you want? These are all questions we hear often. We can crunch the numbers, make the calls and dive deep into local Municipal ordinances and building codes to get the answers you need to move forward with your vision. We also research materials, products and methods relating to construction challenges or design goals and wishes.

ADA accessibility review and design

Providing solutions to accessibility laws aimed at helping people with disabilities, is a major undertaking when it comes to any non-residential project. Creating projects in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is our specialty. Whether it be a restroom upgrade, parking space designation, path of travel issues, or for new or existing facilities, we can handle it. We stay current with all the latest codes through a combination of continuing education and research, as well as practical experience with current trends in products and design. Call us for an evaluation of your ADA compliance needs.

Construction administration

Breaking ground is a major milestone on any project. It can be daunting to stand alone placing your faith in a contractor to realize your vision. Our on-site construction administration services will help you to successfully realize the finished product. Experienced staff will monitor, direct, and control the construction process on your behalf, to ensure the project is built as designed. We give you the ability to manage quality and achieve cost effective solutions to any issues, pushing your vision to the finish line.

Project management

Ever-rising budgets and inflated timelines are fears that haunt any client. Having a structured design management system in place is a tool that will help alleviate those fears. We are able to manage your project from the initial vision through to construction, keeping a finger on the pulse of all activities along the way. We provide scheduling, consultant coordination, monthly progress and strategy reviews, budget management, payment processing, etc. all to keep your project within budget and on time.

Sustainable design

In the current day and age, sustainability is not only a responsibility, but in many jurisdictions, a requirement. Sustainable design in architecture uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of buildings and their environments. Through continuing education and consultant collaboration, we are able to provide consultation on methods of reducing your carbon footprint, whether it be through reducing greenhouse emissions, conservation, or recycling, to ultimately improve the physical performance of the project.

Landscape Design

Teamwork is the key ingredient to any successful project. Over the years, we have carefully crafted a collaboration with a variety of professional consultants to provide a comprehensive package of design services to meet all project needs. Working closely with our skilled and cost conscious engineering consultants, we are able to provide you a seamless service to realize your projects goals. Our consultants are highly experienced State licensed and insured professionals, who understand our demands for the highest degree of skill, knowledge, communication and timeliness. You expect nothing less of us and we expect nothing less from our consultants.

Feasibility studies and concepts

Embarking on a new building project can be a scary proposition. We strive to put your mind at ease by providing well considered feasibility and initial concept studies to evaluate the program, assist in financing, and confirm the regulatory process. With our extensive construction and specialty project experience, we provide help with cost estimates, timelines, site-appropriation, and the initial planning concepts, to inform your decisions to move forward in the location you’re interested in.